Savage Belle Flirt With Me Fragrance Kit
  • Description

    Dangerously beautiful, this tantalizing blend of warm ginger, bergamot, charcoal accord, and wisteria is a mesmerizing match for our decadent handcreme and alluring eau de parfum. Intoxicatingly bold and definitively daring.

    Design Details
    This tin box—adorned with wild garden florals and an iconic snake motif—opens to reveal an artful interior and a captivating duo of treasures: the Little Lux Eau de Parfum and Petite Treat handcreme.
  • Fragrance Notes
    Dangerously beautiful: Warm Ginger, Bergamot, Charcoal Accord, Wisteria
  • Specifications
    4.375" W X 3" D X 2" H

    Fill Weight
    Little Luxe:.24 FL oz / 7 ml
    Petite Treat: .5 oz / 14 g