Our Story

Making Beauty, More Beautiful

We've spent over 30 years lovingly developing the products and brand worlds you're about to discover, creating each to capture the imagination and provide a delightful escape from the everyday. From the most intricate packaging details to our luxurious formulations & exquisite fragrances, each element has been carefully composed.


Margot Elena’s lovingly developed brand libraries – Lollia, TokyoMilk, Infinite She, Library of Flowers, and The Cottage Greenhouse – overflow with luxury bath and beauty products beautifully balanced in design, fragrance and formulation.

Always Evolving

Creating products and brand worlds to capture the imagination and provide artful experiences, Margot Elena continues to charm customers and press alike with beautiful, well-thought-out treasures to fall in love with.

Subscription Boxes

Featuring best-selling products like perfume, hand cream, bubble bath, candles, shea butter soap, bath salt soaks, shower gel, hand sanitizer, body lotion, cosmetics, and everything from greeting cards to gift sets – there’s something for everyone.