Archive Travel Size Hand Cream Trio
  • Description
    Like finding a handwritten note inside a favorite old book, this nourishing hand cream entices you to reach for it again and again. Lightly fragranced and crafted to perfection for long-lasting hydration—take a moment to escape and rejuvenate. This conveniently sized travel companion goes where you go, perfect to take wherever the road leads you.
  • Fragrance Notes
    Revitalizing Grapefruit mingles with effervescent notes of Neroli, carrying a crisp breeze of orange blossoms enlivened by zested citrus / Serene Lavender grounded by earthy Rosehip find the harmony between subtly sweet & woody botanicals / Bright Green Tea touched by fresh Willow, reminiscent of basking in verdant, sun-soaked meadows.
  • Specifications
    5" W x 1.25" SQ each

    Fill Weight
    .33 oz / 9.35 g each