Star Cross'd Parfum

Fragrance Notes
A Transcendently Moody Essence: Citrus Leaves, Water Lily, Frankincense, Vetiver

A decadently different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with a unicorn constellation.

Chart a heady course with fate as your guide. The captivating call of starlit Water Lily washed in glimmering Citrus gives way to rich, earthy notes of Frankincense & Vetiver. Take flight through worlds real and imagined.

Fill Weight
1 fl oz / 29.5 ml

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much more masculine

i'm not sure where people are getting "pine-sol" from, i dont get any pine at all, but it is a more masculine scent. I cannot deal with strong floral or powder scents so I ordered this with fingers crossed the water lily wouldnt be too strong, and i absolutely love it! i very much enjoy the frankincense with just a touch of floral behind it.


Margot Elena

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this lovely review and share it on our website. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying the Star Cross'd Parfum!



Intense lemon at first then it quickly fades to a axe body spray type smell. I really tried to like this one and with the holidays and delays I wasn’t able to get it returned within the 30 days return period. :( The packaging was very pretty, though.


Pine-Sol & Old Spice had a baby! :(

Oh my… I so wanted to love this. I typically love Tokyo Milk, but oof not this one! The unicorn art and fragrance notes ****** me in to ordering. I had high hopes (as Tokyo Milk never disappoints… never say never folks!) Upon first spray, I was so confused by the powerful, industrial cleaner/ Pine-Sol smell filling my nose. VERY chemical smelling! After 20 minutes of the janitor’s Pine-Sol smell, the fragrance shifts to an Old Spice/ Men’s aftershave type of smell, fit for a 70-90 year old man. I am usually very impressed by how unique yet pleasant Tokyo Milk scents smell, but this one shocked me in a very unpleasant way. I’m left very confused, and with a headache. :( I gave two stars because it has mega staying power, and I think a very old man somewhere could possibly enjoy this atrocious scent.


Sacred Magic

This scent is perfectly illustrated with a unicorn because it's evolution on the skin is a magical journey. First hits with a spicy grapefruit but that quickly leaves into the deep mystery of sweetness and frankincense. Every time I catch a whiff of it on me it's slightly different. If you want to smell like you know the dark mystery of the universe, this one is for you.

Daisy D.


This is incredible. I’m not going to lie I was slightly disappointed at first as the initial smell wasn’t what I expected, almost household cleaner strong and very citrusy. However, just minutes after initial application the citrus smell wears down some and becomes a much warmer scent. It is still not a scent for the faint of heart or those who wish to blend in, but it is beautifully unique. Although it isn’t “feminine” I definitely would not go so far as to call it a masculine scent. It is just on the edgier side of perfume and I absolutely love it.