Veggie Handcreme Trio
  • Description
    Carrot & Neroli Handcreme
    Carrot Oil is one of the most rejuvenating oils found in Mother Nature’s garden. Loaded with vibrant beta-carotene and Vitamins A, B, D, and E, carrot nourishes and helps to heal dry, chapped, or cracked skin.

    Cucumber & Honey Handcreme
    Cucumber is nature’s emollient, a sparkling tonic used to soften and soothe stressed skin. Cool as a cucumber, it gives you the quenching boost your skin needs to look its healthy best.

    Sugar Beet & Blossom Handcreme
    Beet is ruby-rich in nature’s nourishers & cell renewing phytocompounds found deep within its roots. Helping to hydrate and lock in moisture, your skin feels nurtured and velvety smooth.

    1 Carrot & Neroli Handcreme
    1 Cucumber & Honey Handcreme
    1 Sugar Beet & Blossom Handcreme
  • Good to Know
    Paraben Free/ Gluten Free/ Never Animal Tested/ Vegan

    Mother Nature Knows Best
    Marvelously moisturize with a lush lotion trifecta. Hydrate and lock in moisture with a delightful formula that absorbs quickly into skin. Filled to the brim with fine botanic fragrance and Mother Nature’s favorite ingredients, your skin is sure to thank you!
  • Specifications
    4 oz / 113 g each