5 Steps to The Perfect Bath

5 Steps to The Perfect Bath

A Beautiful Invitation to Indulge Your Senses and Simply Be
Take a moment’s pause to pamper yourself with the most luxurious of escapes… a bath time retreat just for you! Baths induce deeper sleep, enhance your skin’s beauty and encourage stress release. For an immersive, spa-worthy bathing experience, delight in a few oh-so-lovely details to indulge the senses.  

Step 1: Set the Scene
Chic & sophisticated, elevate your space with the captivating glow of a divinely perfumed Lollia Luminary. These glass case luminaries are the essence of modern romantic luxury, enveloping your surroundings in effortless radiance. Set the mood for tranquility with Breathe No. 19, a floral fresh air impression with notes of Peony & White Lily, kissed by sheer hints of grapefruit. For a fresh, clean fragrance, let your senses wander with This Moment No. 43 where uplifting notes of Water Lily, Sun Blossoms, Aquatic Greens, Sweet Grass & Honey Amber inspire moments as light, cheerful and easy as a sun dappled day.
Each candle is crafted with all-natural Soy and Coconut wax to ensure a slow, more balanced burn. 

Step 2: Bring on the bubbly!
Treat yourself to a tub of bubbly and soak in the bliss with Library of Flowers True Vanilla Bubbling Bath, rich in replenishing Cocoa Butter and skin-pampering Green Tea. A special blend of soothing Ginger & Lemongrass melts away worries while lavish moisturizers envelop your body in exceptional softness.
Aromatherapy is a key element of any spa-worthy bath, as fragrance is an amazing natural mood booster. Soothe your senses with luxurious bubbling baths featured on the coveted Oprah’s Favorite Things list. Delight in the Lavender & Honey of coveted Classic Lollia Relax.  For a pick me up, Archive Yet to Be Written with Grapefruit & Neroli revitalizes the senses.
Insider Tip: Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to soak and give your body time to receive the maximum benefits (especially if using salts).
Step 3: Soothe & Smooth
Looking to soothe sore muscles? Try a scoop or two of Still Waters bath salts, rich in purifying minerals to relax the body, moisturize skin and eliminate toxins. For an uplifting soak, melt your worries away with Infinite She Crush the Day, a luxurious sea salt soak that’s delightfully fragranced & richly rejuvenating. Take deep breaths and focus on the moment…clear your mind of the worries of the day and allow your body to let go of tension you may be holding. 

Step 4: After-bath Bliss
Complete your at home spa-escape by locking in divine moisture with our classic Dry Body Oil, a light moisturizer for all skin types or ultra-nourishing and richly comforting Body Butter.  Lush botanicals leave the skin hydrated and silky soft to the touch. Relish the radiance.
Or try the antioxidant rich Japanese Plum & White Tea dry body oil/ body butter duo by The Cottage Greenhouse.  Our dry body oil instantly soaks into skin without feeling greasy, to restore radiance while our rich, ultra-nourishing body butter treats the skin to indulgent moisture. 
Envelop your body in lush hydration with our ultra-nourishing Body Butter. Restore radiance with richly comforting Aloe & Shea Butter and blissfully moisturizing Cocoa Butter.

Step 5: The Final Accessory
A spritz of signature eau de parfum on your wrists, décolletage or even your pillow for restful sleep. Each elegantly modern bottle makes a lovely addition to any boudoir. 

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