Margot Elena

Let Them Eat Cake Bon Bon Lip Balm & Petite Treat Duo

_A touch of decadence:_ Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, and White Musk

Bon Bon Lip Balm
The sweetest lips await. Our luxurious formula will keep your lips soft and kissable. French vanilla, shredded coconut and a hint of cocoa will keep him coming back for more.

Petite Treat Handcreme
Perfect for purse or bag, enjoy fan-favorite Let Them Eat Cake Lotion in a Petite Treat size so you never have to be without this sumptuous skin-pleaser! Unexpected essences are crushed & distilled then blended with extracts of Japanese Green Tea and enveloped in moisture-rich Shea Butter to create this coveted treasure.

1 Let Them Eat Cake Bon Bon Lip Balm
1 Let Them Eat Cake Petite Treat Handcreme