New TokyoMilk Arrivals

Sophisticated yet mysterious, TokyoMilk is
filled with objects to desire and coveted treasures.
Born out of a vision where nothing is as it seems,
it dares you to follow twists, turns and
secrets hidden in its packaging.

Dead Sexy Perfumed Shower Gel
Dead Sexy Embossed Boxed Soap
Octopus Travel Size Bubble Bath
Anything is Possible Small Tote
Dead Sexy Date Night Kit
TokyoMilk Classic Discovery Set
Anthemoessa Large Tote
Divers Large Tote
Song of the Siren Large Tote
Blue Goldfish Large Tote
Song of the Siren Market Tote
Dead Sexy Market Tote
French Kiss Market Tote
Zebra Be Bold Small Tote
Coral Goldfish Small Tote
Dead Sexy Small Tote
French Lessons Small Tote
French Kiss Small Tote